District Msn. Barbara Gray
District Msn. Barbara Gray

District 16

District Missionary Barbara Gray

District 16

District Missionary Barbara Gray, Wife of Deacon Tony Gray for 38 wonderful years, mother of two sons Tony, Jr., Tim, and four grandsons.

In 2018 under the leadership of Bishop Daniel T. Littleton, Prelate for Mississippi Southern First a new district was formed, District 16 with newly appointed District Superintendent, Superintendent George Fairley. I was appointed as District 16 District Missionary by Superintendent Mother Frankie Davis Murray, Supervisor and District Superintendent George Fairley. 

Since the appointment by the grace of God and the approval of my leaders I was able to implement “Women of Excellence of District 16” to empower women to use their gifts and talents while transforming them to be disciples for Christ in Excellency

I am also currently serving as Mississippi Southern First Purity Retreat Coordinator for 18 years as well as Vice President.

Some of the past successes that have helped to shape the gifting for this current position as District Missionary. 

In 1996 Co-founded Covington County Boys and Girls Club, Inc.

In 2003 founded the Better Tomorrow Foundation to assist the homeless and poverty-stricken citizens from surrounded counties.

After 28 years of service, retired from the Mississippi Department of Human Services in 2012. Since 2016 I am a Certified Christian Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors. 

In 2017-  Co-Founded Blessed Believers Women’s Ministry, it has been a blessing to women around the world with their life and networking skills.