District Missionary Penny Rucker

District Four

In 2017, Missionary Penny Rucker was appointed to serve as District Missionary – District 4 under the leadership of Superintendent Gene Smith by Mother Frankie Davis Murray and the late Bishop Hollis Musgrove, Prelate.  She followed the leadership of District Missionary Marie Walker who retired.

District Missionary Rucker is the Director of the Soul Fishing Mission, Matthew 4:19 “and he said unto them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  This ministry designed for the Women’s Department of District 4 embraces the God-given vision for kingdom building.

Missionary Rucker’s true mission in life is to serve God and God’s people. She loves all people but has a passion for the elderly. She is a foster mom and is an advocate for children. During 2020, District 4 endured hardships on every hand, but by the grace of God, they remained victorious and continued in kingdom building.

District Missionary Rucker learned about the things of God at an early age. However, after her accident in June 1991, she readily accepted Jesus Christ and got to know him as her Lord and Savior. She was “born in” at West Holy Hill COGIC under the leadership of District Superintendent William Montgomery.

After the death of Superintendent Montgomery, she remained dedicated and faithful to her church under the leadership of Elder Terry Bridges.

As a member at West Holy Hill COGIC, she serves in various positions including Primary Sunday School Teacher, Usher, and treasurer in the finance department.

Missionary Penny Rucker is the daughter of the late Daniel and Cleola Thornton of Tylertown, Mississippi.

She is a graduate of Tylertown High School. She received her degree in Banking from Southwest Community College. She worked at Trustmark Bank in Tylertown, Mississippi for 19 years. She is the mother of one son and three grandchildren.