District Msn. Shirley Ward
District Msn. Shirley Ward

District 10

District Msn. Shirley Ward

District 10

District Missionary Shirley F. Ward, of the #10 District of the Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, is a member of Salvation Hill Church of God In Christ, Brandon, MS for over 40 years, under the leadership of Administrative Assistant Abraham Jones, Sr.

She attended the MABTI, Missionary Awareness Bible Training Institute for two years where she received her teaching from District Missionary Dorothy Johnson and received her Evangelist Missionary License under the leadership of District Missionary Rita Walker.  

In 1997, Missionary Ward was recommended as District Missionary by her Pastor and Superintendent Abraham Jones, Sr., and was appointed in this capacity under the leadership of Supervisor Frankie Davis Murray and the late Bishop Hollis Musgrove.

Servant Hood:

Her ministry of servanthood has spanned more than 30 years.  She has served, and continues to serve, in the local, district, and state capacities such as Choir Member (local, district, and state), Choir President, Church Custodian, Assistant Secretary, Women’s Department Leader, Soul Enrichment Committee Member, World Mission Teacher, Evangelist Missionary, Marriage Ministry, Provision Committee Member (local), Sunshine Band President, Chairman Christian Education Workshop, Chairman or Fundraising Committee, CEO of Women’s Bible Training Institute (District), Sacred Heart Fund President (State).

Seeing a greater need for growth in the ministry, District Missionary Ward has appointed leaders for the District Sunshine Band, Purity Department, YWCC, Hospitality, Mothers’ Board, Pastor’s Wives, Elders and Ministers Wives, and Women’s Department Executive Board. In 2014, she become a published editor of the book God’s Leading Ladies”.

Early years and schooling:

District Missionary Ward is a native of Raymond, Mississippi who was born to the late Eddie and Minnie Scott Freemen on November 19, 1955.  During her stay in Raymond, she was a member of Belmont Missionary Baptist Church and attended Hinds County Agricultural High School in Utica, Mississippi.  She attended Hinds Community College, Pearl Branch for general studies.   In March of 2011, she completed a great accomplishment by graduating with honors from Antonelli College with a degree in Applied Business – Interior Design.


A loving, devoted, and dedicated wife to Deacon E.L. Ward, she treasures the moments that she shares with her children and grandchild, in addition to the time that she spends with her husband.

 Baptism of the Holy Ghost

After hearing the preached Word of God, that was given by Elder Kippy Paige in 1989 during the annual revival at her home church, she was saved and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.  She recalls exactly how Elder Paige explained how the Holy Ghost is a gift and how to receive Him:

“He handed me a handkerchief and asked, “What did I do”?  I said, “You gave me the handkerchief.”  He then asked, “What did YOU do”?  I stated, “I received it!”

She remembers so vividly what she said to herself after receiving the Holy Ghost.  She stated, “Everything and everyone looks different.”    

Glory to God:

Missionary Ward signifies that she gives all the glory, praise, and honor to God for all things by saying her favorite quote: “It’s not about you.  It’s not about me.  It’s all about Jesus.”