District Missionary Vera Walker

District 15

Missionary Vera Walker was appointed District Missionary for the newly formed District 15 in January 2018 under the leadership of District Superintendent J. T. Robinson, Supervisor Mother Frankie Davis Murray, and Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Daniel T. Littleton. 

Missionary Walker is a member of the Greater Deliverance COGIC where she serves on the Administrative Team.  In addition to her local church responsibilities, she serves as Executive Assistant to Bishop Littleton.

As District Missionary for District Number 15, she organized the newly formed Women’s Department by appointing ladies within the district to serve on the various units, bands and departments that fall under the auspices of the Jurisdictional Women’s Department.  Once appointed, District Missionary Vera Walker organized a district-wide photo opportunity that offered clergymen and lay members to update their photographs and provide a setting where families could be photographed.  This photo project was very successful and provided revenue for the District and the Women’s Department. 

District 15 Women’s Department donated $500 to the District account and was able to save funds within the women’s department and sponsor other activities within the district.  After organizing the Sunshine Band for the District, the Women’s Department drastically reduced the cost of the Sunshine Band t-shirts for the children, by paying over half the cost of the t-shirts.  Additionally, in keeping with the Bishop’s theme for the Jurisdiction, “We Are One”, the women’s department under-girded the Auxiliaries in Ministries Department (AIM) and assisted with fundraising projects for their department. 

Each year, the Women’s Department sponsors a calendar drive.  Included in the calendar, are events that will take place for each church within the district.  Families had the opportunity to purchase ads and include their family photos, anniversary dates, and birthdays.  The proceeds from the calendar sales enabled the women’s department to provide ministry in several ways.  Specifically, during the pandemic, the Women’s Department rented a U-Haul in Memphis, Tennessee and collaborated with the International Missions Department and gathered household goods, such as microwaves, coolers, pampers, towels, socks, plastic utensils, pillows, and children’s toys.   In conjunction with the food drive sponsored by Bishop Littleton, the Women’s Department set up a station and distributed those items to the local and surrounding communities, where many families were blessed.  Funds derived from the calendar sales also enabled the department to aid members within the district who suffered damages during a tornado.

Although small, District 15 has a big heart.  The theme for District 15 is “the District where the Blood still Works!  It is a foot-stomping district that loves to praise the Lord. The Women’s Department is growing and continues to support the ministry of the District and a blessing to the Jurisdiction as a whole.